Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group

An organisation for those interested in proton, light ion and heavy charged particle radiotherapy

Robert R. Wilson Award
Given to an individual scientist active in the field,
recognizing their cumulative achievements in Particle Therapy.

 Wilson Award

At PTCOG 58 (2019) the Award was given to: Jürgen Debus
Award Lecture: Introduction of Carbon ion beam therapy in Europe and clinical trials)


Michael Goitein Best Abstract Award
Given to individual scientists for best abstract of the conference in Physics, Radiobiolgy and Clinical in Particle Therapy.

goitein1 2017

goitein2 2019

goitein3 2017

At PTCOG 56 (2017) the Awards were given to:

Clinical Prompt Gamma
M. Sertorio:
Cellular Response to Charged
Particle Exposures
K. Miura:
Proton Beam for HCC

At PTCOG 57 (2018) the Awards were given to:

Pablo Cirrone:
On-line In-Vivo Dose Monitor
Ralph Vatner:
Differences in Endothelial
Cell Activation
F. Menial-Merzowki:
Long Term Results of Hypo-
fractionaited PT for Choroidal

At PTCOG 58 (2019) the Awards were given to:

Joost Verburg:
Full Scale clinical prototype
gamma-ray spectroscopy
systemfor proton range
verificationwith robotic
Jason Parsons:
Cellular Response to Complex
DNA damage induced
response induced by High-LET
Patrik Brodin:
Estimating individual quality
of life benefit and cost
effectiveness of proton therapy
for patients with oropharyngeal
head and neck Cancer


Young Investigator Award
The work of a young investigator for the PTCOG Conference will be awarded.

yinestigator 2018

At PTCOG 57 (2018) the Award was given to:
Ali Nowrouzi

At PTCOG 58 (2019) the Award was given to:
Gang Liu:
Lung Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) Using Spot-Scanning Proton Arc (SPArc) Therapy: A Feasibility Study