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Michael Goitein Best Abstract Award

At PTCOG 56 (2017) the Awards are given to:

goitein1 2017

Physics: K.Teo:
Clinical Prompt Gamma

goitein2 2017

Radiobiology: M. Sertorio:
Cellular Response to
Charged Particle Exposures

goitein3 2017

Clinical: K. Miura:
Proton Beam for HCC



At PTCOG 57 (2018) the Awards are given to:

goitein2 2018

Physics:  Pablo Cirrone:
On-line In-Vivo Dose Monitor

goitein1 2018

Radiobiology: Ralph Vatner:
Differences in Endothelial Cell

 goitein3 2018

Clinical: F. Menial-Merzowki:
Long Term Results of Hypo-
fractionaited PT for Choroidal


Young Investigator Award

At PTCOG 57 (2018) the Award is given to:

yinestigator 2018