Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group

An organisation for those interested in proton, light ion and heavy charged particle radiotherapy

Past PTCOG Conferences and Meetings (since 1985)
(with links to historical documents, minutes and abstracts and presentations of meetings & conferences)

 PTCOG Date of meetings, links to minutes, abstracts and other documents
Location Country
 - 1/23/1985, Charges; 1/24/1985, Agenda; 2/8/1985, Workshop Fermilab, Batavia, IL. USA
 - 8/22/1985, Agenda; 1st Mission Statement for PTCOG Fermilab, Batavia, IL. USA
I 9/18/1985, Agenda; PTCOG formation; Minutes HCL, Boston, MA. USA
II 10/24/1985, Agenda; Minutes of first Technical Meeting; 2nd Mission Statement for PTCOG St. Louis, MO. USA
III 1/22/1986, Agenda; Minutes of first Annual Meeting of PTCOG; Working Group reports Fermilab, Batavia, IL. USA
IV 6/26/1986, Agenda; Minutes Fermilab, Batavia, IL. USA
V 12/01/1986, Agenda; Minutes; 1st International Workshop of PTCOG LBL, Berkeley, CA. USA
VI 4/13/1987, Agenda; Minutes Fermilab, Batavia, IL. USA
VII 10/12/1987, Agenda; Minutes n.a. Loma Linda, CA. USA
- 1/19/1988, Agenda; beam scanning workshop at LBL LBL, Berkeley, CA. USA
VIII 4/07/1988, Agenda, first meeting outside of the USA TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC Canada
IX 9/29/1988, Agenda; Minutes n.a. MGH/HCL, Cambridge, MA. USA
X 4/03/1989, Announcement & Agenda Fermilab, Batavia, IL. USA
XI 9/18/1989, Agenda & Minutes; first meeting in Europe PSI, Villigen, AG. Switzerland
XII 5/06/1990, Announcement & AgendaAccelerator Subgroup Meeting
LLUMC, Loma Linda, CA. USA
XIII 11/01/1990, Agenda LBL, Berkeley, CA. USA
XIV 5/21/1991, Abstracts MGH/HCL, Cambridge, MA. USA
XV 9/23/1991, Abstracts/Minutes n.a. GSI, Darmstadt Germany
XVI 3/30/1992, Abstracts TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC. Canada
XVII 10/26/1992, Abstracts LLUMC, Loma Linda, CA. USA
XVIII 4/16/1993, Abstracts, first split meeting, two locations CPO, Orsay & CAL, Nice France
XIX 10/31/1993, Abstracts MGH/HCL, Cambridge, MA. USA
XX 5/16/1994, Abstracts Clatterbridge, Chester England
XXI 11/14/1994, first meeting in Asia HIMAC, NIRS, Chiba Japan
XXII 4/24/1995, Abstracts San Francisco, CA. USA
XXIII 10/17/1995, Abstracts, first meeting in Africa; Neutron Symposium NAC, Cape Town S. Africa
XXIV 4/24/1996, Abstracts Detroit, MI. USA
XXV 9/09/1996, Abstracts PSI, Villigen, AG. & CERN, Geneva Switzerland
XXVI 4/30/1997, Abstracts NPTC, MGH, Boston, MA. USA
XXVII 11/17/1997, Abstracts HIMAC, NIRS, Chiba Japan
XXVIII 4/15/1998, Abstracts LLUMC, Rancho, Mirage, CA. USA
XXIX 9/14/1998, Abstracts DKFZ, Heidelberg & GSI, Darmstadt Germany
XXX 4/12/1999, Abstracts NAC, Cape Town S. Africa
XXXI 10/11/1999, Abstracts MPRI, Bloomington, IN. USA
XXXII 4/15/2000, Abstracts TSL, Uppsala Sweden
XXXIII 9/25/2000, Abstracts HMI, Berlin Germany
XXXIV 6/11/2001, Abstracts; change PTCOG 'P'='p'roton to 'p'article NPTC, MGH, Boston, MA. USA
XXXV 11/14/2001, Abstracts PMRC, Tsukuba Japan
XXXVI 4/29/2002, Abstracts INFN, Catania Italy
XXXVII 10/28/2002, Abstracts iThemba, Cape Town S. Africa
38 5/14/2003, Abstracts Clatterbridge, Chester England
39 10/26/2003, Abstracts LBL, Berkeley, San Francisco, CA. USA
40 6/16/2004, Abstracts CPO, Orsay & Institute Curie, Paris France
41 10/10/2004, Abstracts MPRI, Bloomington, IN. USA
42 6/08/2005, Abstracts NCC & Shizuoka, Tokyo Japan
43 12/11/2005, Program & Abstracts, first time parallel sessions RPTC, Munich Germany
44 6/14/2006, Program & Abstracts, scanning/passive scattering w'shop PSI, Villigen, AG. Switzerland
45 10/07/2006, Program & Abstracts; beam scanning workshop MD Anderson, Houston, TX. USA
46 5/18/2007, Scientific Program;  start Educational Sessions WPTC, Wanjie, Zi-Bo China
47 5/19/2008, Educational Workshop & Scientific Meeting UFPTI, Jacksonville, FL. USA
48 9/28/2009, Educational Workshop & Scientific Meeting DKFZ, Heidelberg Germany
49 5/17/2010, 25 years since PTCOG was formed NIRS, Chiba & GHMC, Maebashi Japan
50 5/08/2011, 50th PTCOG Meeting (anniversary) UPenn, Philadelphia, PA. USA
51 5/14/2012, Program & Talks NCC, Seoul S. Korea
52 6/02/2013, Program & Talks WPE, Essen Germany
53 6/09/2014, Education Session & Scientific Meeting SHIPC, Shanghai China
54 5/18/2015, Education Session & Scientific Meeting Scripps PTC, San Diego, CA. USA
55 5/23/2016, Education Session & Scientific Meeting PTC Prague, Prague Czech Republic
56 5/08/2017, Education Session & Scientific Meeting NIRS, Chiba & KCC, Kanagawa Japan
57 5/21/2018, Education Session & Scientific Meeting Univ. Cincinnati & Childrens Hospital, OH USA
58 6/10/2019, Education Session & Scientific Meeting The Christie NHS, Manchester UK

Many thanks to Janet Sisterson and to Michael Goitein for delivering historical documents about the Beginning of PTCOG.