Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group

An organisation for those interested in proton, light ion and heavy charged particle radiotherapy

PTCOG 46, May 18-23, 2007, Wanjie Proton Therapy Center, China

Educational Workshop
Friday, May 18 Speaker Title pdf
08.30 A. Mazal Practical basic physics for hadrontherapy download
09.25 S. Vatnitsky Dosimetry aspects of proton radiotherapy download
11.35 A. Mazal Planning with protons download
13.30 E. Blomquist Radiotherapy of meningiomas download
14.10 E. Hug Proton radiotherapy of ocular melanomas download
14.50 J. Habrand Proton radiotherapy of pediatrics download
16.15 E. Hug Base of the skull and spot-scanning download
16.50 J. Mizoe Head and neck download
17.25 T. DeLaney Bone and soft tissue download
18.00 K. Hiramoto Synchrotron technology for proton beam therapy download
Saturday, May 19 Speaker Title pdf
08.00 Y. Jongen Cyclotrons and linacs download
08.50 K. Hiramoto Synchrotrons download
09.30 J. Flanz New accelerators download
10.10 J. Flanz Beam delivery systems download
13.00 C. Rossi Prostate download
14.00 J. Li HCC download
14.30 T. Ogino Lung download(1) download(2)
15.15 J. Guelette Biology, general download
16.45 H. Tsujii Fractionation download
17.30 B. Schaffner Practical planning with Eclipse - Proton download
Sunday, May 20 Speaker Title pdf
08.00 H.-M. Lu Setup and uncertainty download
10.10 M. Bues Motion management download
11.05 S. Meyroneinc Maintenance and logistics download
11.35 M. Pijls Cost effectivnes download
  B. Schaffner Proton dose calculation algorithms and configuration data download
13.00 M. Jermann Start-up of facilities - experience at PSI download
13.30 A. Smith Technical issues for facility startup download
14.00 J.B. Farr Facility startup and operations download
14.30 J. Flanz MGH Statistics download
General Meeting
Monday, May 21 Speaker Title pdf
09.30 H. Tsujii 13 yr experiences of C-Ion Therapy at NIRS download
09.50 C. Rossi Conformal RT of prostate cancer - What can we learn from the IMRT experience? download
10.10 J. Li Clinical report for WPTC download
10.50 T. DeLaney Preliminary experience with proton radiotherapyfor pelvic bone sarcomas download
11.20 A. Smith Particle therapy in transition - challenges and promises download
11.35 D. Meer Developments towards advanced scanning in the Gantry 2 test area at PSI download
14.50 S. Liu Proton beam therapy for esophageal carcinomas download
15.05 I. Gladilina Results of proton therapy in treatment of oncological diseases download
15.50 S. Lin Principles and 10 year experience of the beam monitor system at PSI scanned PT facility download
16.35 J. Pardo Simulation of the performance of the CNAO facility's beam delivery system download
16.50 L. Dong A digital couch solution for treatment planning beams through the treatment couch download
Tuesday, May 22 Speaker Title pdf
08.30 H.-M. Lu A potential method for range verification in proton therapy treatment using range-modulated passive scattering fields download
08.45 M. Schippers First operational experience with the SC cyclotron, degrader and beam lines at PSI's new proton therapy center download
09.00 M. Mumot A comparison of dose distributions measured with 2 types of radiochromic film dosimeter download
09.15 B. Clasie Aspects of optimizing the pencil beam performance in a universal nozzle download
09.30 S.B. Lee Clinical commissioning and QA of proton beam in NCC, Korea download
09.45 S. Pinault EAGLE, an infrared registration system for patient positioning download
11.15 Ch. Bert Gated irradiation of moving targets with scanned particle beams download
11.30 J. Kim Uses of the experimental area of a proton therapy facility for biomedical experiments download
11.45 J.L. Habrand Dose-escalation in pediatric brain tumors radiotherapy. The potential role of proton beam therapy download
12.00 Tai-Xiang Lu IMRT for nasopharyngeal carcinomas download
13.20 M. Ericsson Comparative treatment planning study of IMXT and IMPT for cervical carcer download
13.35 X. Mu Proton Radiotherapy can improve lung sparing compared with photon IMRT download
14.05 Q. Chen Advantages of proton beam patching compared with IMXT in dose planning download
14.20 Z. Tochner UPenn Proton Therapy Facility download
14.50 K. Yiee Sacral chordoma - Loma Linda experience download
15.05 J. Lee Proton Therapy for Hepatocelular Carcinoma download
15.50 K. Tsuboi Proton Radiotherapy for Clival Chordomas download
16.05 G. Laramore Neutron Therapy for Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma download
16.30 Yue-fei Fan Curative effects of PT for intracranial tumors download
Wednesday, May 23 Speaker Title pdf
08.30 H. Paganetti Proton MC dose calculations for tumors in Head&Neck region download
09.00 G. Cirrone Physics and Dosimetric Exp at LNS download
09.15 N. Suchowerska Cellular response in modulated radiation beams download
10.45 Qi-an Jiang Treatment planning comparison 3-d - PT for liver carcinoma download
11.00 K. Herrmann Robots for Patient Positioning and Imaging download
11.30 M. Bues Treating prostate cancer with passive scattering and IMPT download
11.45 S. Walter Automatic patient allignment for particle beam therapy download
12.00 S. Meyroneinc Technical specifications for PT facilities -- still relevant? download
13.35 E. Batin Study of 1D and 2D scaling methods for proton and carbon beams download
13.50 S. Yamada New carbon therapy facility at Gunma University download
14.20 S. Flampouri Effect of CT number - stopping power conversion uncertainties download
14.35 Q. Li Progress in heavy-ion cancer therapy at IMP-CAS download