Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group

An organisation for those interested in proton, light ion and heavy charged particle radiotherapy

PTCOG Project Funding, Topics and Procedures

Particle Therapy is a multi-disciplinary field involving a number of specialties. It is central to this field that work to facilitate research and development is encouraged. Up until now, the primary role of PTCOG has been to bring together scientists, practitioners and newcomers to the field in the context of scientific exchange, education and publication as well as providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences. Now PTCOG would like to go a step further and help to provide some tangible funding to help expedite appropriate endeavors in the field. To that end, each year, starting now, PTCOG will accept proposals for Scientific Projects and Education and provide funding for a select few of these. The PTCOG budget is limited, but the organization will strive to make some funding available.

At this time PTCOG will start by considering funding in the following categories. All of these categories can be part of studies involving clinical, biology and physics or mixed disciplines. All proposals are required at least 5 months before the next PTCOG annual meeting (this first year the deadline will be March 8, 2019).

1. Educational Outreach (partial funding) (one per year)
2. Individual exchange program visits to operating facilities (e.g. partial travel)
3. Travel fellowships to PTCOG sponsored/endorsed events
4. Partial support for specific activities related to a collaborative research program.This can have many forms and some examples of these can be:

    - Retrospective and prospective analyses (e.g. student funding or travel support)
    - Beam measurements (e.g. beam time and/or travel support)
    - Instrumentation testing collaborative support
    - Combined therapies, flash irradiation radiobiology, toxicity mechanisms: proof of concept

5. Support for data mining and/or categorization related to particle therapy publications

The process will be as follows:

a) A PTCOG “Project Funding” subcommittee will be formed.
b) A PTCOG member should write a proposal (5 pages maximum) and submit it to the “Project Funding Subcommittee”. (For this year – please send it to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,who will give it to the subcommittee when it is finalized.) The proposal must, at least, contain the following:
     a. Proposal Topic
     b. Explanation of why it is important for the field
     c. Estimation of timetable for key milestones
     d. A detailed budget
     e. Expected deliverables, such as publications and/or useful data for the community
c) The Project Funding Subcommittee will define a short list of the proposals with a summary of the strengths and weaknesses, and submit that to the Executive Committee
d) The Executive Committee will make a final selection.
e) Funding will be announced at the following PTCOG Annual meeting.
f) Project funding will be dependent on the available allocated budget of PTCOG for that year.
g) The Awardee will be required to provide a written status and present the results at the PTCOG Annual meeting.

On behalf of the PTCOG organization I encourage you to apply and look forward to seeing your work providing enhanced clarity for our field.

Jay Flanz, PTCOG Chairman