Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group

An organisation for those interested in proton, light ion and heavy charged particle radiotherapy

PTCOG Executive Committee

The PTCOG Executive Committee was authorized at the PTCOG 54 Steering Committee Meeting in 2014. It acts for all authorized governance and operational matters of the PTCOG Society and reports to the PTCOG Steering Committee.

The PTCOG Executive Committee consists actually of the following members:



Jay Flanz (PTCOG Chairman)



Tadashi Kamada (PTCOG Vice-Chairman)



Marco Durante (PTCOG Vice-Chairman)



Eugen Hug (Past PTCOG Chairman)



Martin Jermann (PTCOG Secretary and Treasurer)



James Metz (Co-Chairman of Education Subcommittee, Clinics)



Niek Schreuder (Co-Chairman of Education Subcommittee, Physics & Technology)

Prof Dr Weber Damien


Damien Weber (Chairman of Publication Subcommittee)

 Mahajanstory michaelLomax



Anita Mahajan (Co-Chairman of Scientific Program Subcommittee, Clinics)



Michael Story (Co-Chairman of Scientific Program Subcommittee, Biology)



Anthony Lomax (Co-Chairman of Scientific Program Subcommittee, Physics)